We're currently hiring part- and full-time grocery clerks! Click here for info.

Open Produce sells fruit, vegetables, and other high-quality groceries in east Hyde Park.

Since 2008 we've been bringing the best food we can find into the neighborhood for your enjoyment. Our cozy store stocks everything from staples like fresh-baked bread and locally-produced milk to exotic imported foods, local Chicago brands, vegan and vegetarian specialties, and, of course, a super-wide selection of fresh vegetables and fruits, some grown right here on the South Side.

Plus, we're open super late (2am every night) and have some of the friendliest staff around. Having trouble finding something? Just ask! Even if we don't carry it, we can special order you a case at a discount.

We also strive to push the boundaries of open communication and business transparency. We believe the more open and accountable a business is to the community, the more ethically and responsibly it is run. Through our blog, website, and other venues, we share with you everything from difficult business decisions to our financial numbers.